Corey Breed

Corey Breed – Inventor/Founder

Corey is a fifth generation Texan, and native Austinite.  Like the city in which he was raised, Corey is imbued with a strong sense of environmental stewardship. The father of two young daughters and a new son, he is increasingly aware of the importance of conservation, energy efficiency, and sustainability. A successful entrepreneur and small business owner, Mr. Breed has continually sought time saving advances to drive bottom-line profits.  The City of Austin mandated energy audits for residential properties on June 1, 2009. Mr Breed, a Certified Building Analyst, was one of the first to be registered with the city. During his initial training and subsequent audits he immediately sought ways to improve the auditing process. Bothered by the inefficiency of the tape previously used, Vent Cap Systems was conceived by synthesizing a bottom-line business orientation with energy and cost efficiency. Thus with reduced overhead, and the ability to work more quickly, auditors  and HVAC techs can lower costs and reduce their own environmental impact.